Tobros Wholesale Almond Butter


Ingredients: Almonds (Pasteurized).

12 Jars Per Box: $88.00

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Tobros Natural Brings You Wholesale Almond Butter

Made from the ground up. Our almonds, grown in the richest soils, into tall almond trees, processed carefully and ethically, and shipped to us. We then use surprisingly small machines to methodically produce this Gourmet almond butter.

Just one simple ingredient, the almond. Our team has worked overnights and crazy hours to master the taste and texture down to a T.  In contrast to most brands, we package in a glass. Remaining as the strongest and best way to store for freshness and quality taste.

Wholesale Almond Butter

This is the most smooth and delicious spread-on nut butter that will always leave you wanting more. It is rich in taste, and texture, has been perfected. It takes about 10 seconds to process a jar and your fresh almond butter is ready to eat.

Try this product with some of our favorites snacks including in a smoothie, on toast, spread on fruit or mixed in oatmeal.

Learn More About Our Process For Making Nut Butters

Our wholesale almond butter is made daily. Equally important is that our freshness and quality are never compromised.

The health benefits of almonds include reduced blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels, and lower cholesterol levels. Specifically, the recommended amount, by the FDA, of nuts is 1.5 ounces a day. Therefore,  about 3 tablespoons of our Tobros almond butter.

Our butter is classified as smooth. Made from the bulk almonds that we sell. Want to add some crunch, chop up the almonds yourself and add as much as needed.