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Nuts and Health

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Nuts are good for you. Today, we can state that flatly and without fear of contradiction. But, as recently as twenty years ago, we probably couldn’t have. In the 1980s, consumption of nuts in the United States started to slide. …

new jersey Fresh Fruit trucks

New Jersey Fresh Fruit Trucks

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New Jersey Fresh Fruit In The Land Of The Deep Fryer Words By Jason Nark. Courtesy Of The Philadelphia Inquirer. In the land of deep fryers, where back bays flow with fudge and the ice cream rolls at you in …

Current Walnut Production Of California

Current Walnut Production Of Walnuts

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In 2020, walnut growers in California are about as high tech as you can get. The nuts are ready for harvesting when the hulls start to split, usually starting as early as Sep­tember and continuing on until November. The nuts …

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How Walnuts Came To California

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Bacchus, Dionysus, the Greek God Of Wine (and God of other worldly pleasures), fell in love with a princess named, Carya. She had sisters who were jealous of the relationship and tried to keep Carya away from him. Bacchus was …

macadamia nut production

Macadamia Nut Production

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The macadamia is self-pollinating, although growers prefer the cross-pollination of closely planted orchards. The nuts are not shaken from the tree. They fall when they are ripe. They are swept up then brought to the processing plant to remove the …