Where peanuts come from

Where peanuts come from

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The peanut plant probably originated in Brazil or Peru, although no fossil records exist to prove this. Bolivia And Paraguay also show signs of housing early peanut plants as well. It can be difficult to find exact records before writing …

Harvesting Black Walnuts

The Tradition Of Harvesting Black Walnuts

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For centuries, the North American black walnut, was everywhere in the Eastern United States. Gathering the nuts was a Fall ritual for people who lived near the woods. But the walnut tree was also coveted for its wood, so much …

Nuts in the Bible, food from the bible.

Mentions Of Nuts In The Bible

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We have long known that almonds were in bloom in the Holy Land when great events were taking place there.  The Bible bears this out when we research the life of trees and a look at the science of agriculture. …

Carya Illinoinensis, Pecan Tree

The Pecan Tree, Carya Illinoinensis, Is A Wholly American Plant

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Table of ContentsInformation On The Pecan Tree SpeciesFamily: JuglandaceaeScientific Name: Carya IllinoinensisThe Texas Pecan TreeThe Pecan At The 1876 World’s Fair In PhiladelphiaThe Pecan Gains Popularity NationwideThe Pecan Tree Or Carya Illinoinensis Mates And Grows Information On The Pecan Tree …

Blue Diamond Company History, blue diamond almonds

Blue Diamond Company History

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Blue Diamond Growers got its start in 1910 as a processing and marketing co-op for California almond growers. Today, there are six thousand almond farmers in California and thirty­ five hundred of them bring their product to their ninety-six-acre processing facility. In …

Ramen Burger, Ramen Burger recipe

Ramen Burger

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Table of ContentsWhat You Need To Make A Ramen BurgerINGREDIENTSPREPARATION What You Need To Make A Ramen Burger INGREDIENTS 1 packet of instant Ramen noodles 2 eggs 7 oz. (200g) ground beef 2 scallions Splash of soy sauce Drizzle of …