Bulk Yogurt Pretzels


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Gourmet Nuts & Dried Fruit offers our yogurt covered pretzels which are considered second to none. These are our most delicious top-sellers and they are the perfect tasting treat for your taste buds.

We offer bulk yogurt pretzels, which not only save you money, but will also please your taste-buds for longer.

About the Yogurt Pretzels

The pretzel was first known to be created by a monk in Italy around 610 AD. The monk supposedly invented the pretzel as a reward. Mainly to children learning their prayers. As a result of a monk being the founder, different people all over the world embraced it. Additionally, they went one step ahead and started making different flavors. So, they started covering the pretzels with different ingredients. Thankfully, yogurt covered pretzels was one of them, and they’re one of the most popular flavors today.

Mouthwatering flavors and textures

Today, we distribute our Bulk Yogurt Pretzels all around the world. They make them in many different factories and distribution centers across the globe. When you are eating these flavorful treats, you are getting the best of both worlds. From the sweetness to the saltiness. To make them even more delightful, these yogurt covered pretzels come with just the perfect amount of crunchiness! Now THAT is what makes this delectable treat an all-round winner in our eyes. And in the eyes of our many other customers too.


The yogurt covered pretzels are great in many different ways.

✓as garnishes for desserts;

✓or, as party favors for any type of social gathering;

✓as a snack at home or school;

✓or, as a great source of energy (from the sweetness of the yogurt) at work.