Bulk Sliced Natural Almonds


Ingredients: Almonds (Pasteurized).

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Gourmet Nuts and Dried fruit, a leading provider of online bulk dried fruit and nuts, chooses only high quality sources for their products. With that in mind, we offer bulk amounts natural almonds. They are considered the best by many of our customers.

About Our Bulk Sliced Natural Almonds

All almonds, including our Bulk Sliced Natural Almonds, trace their origins to the Middle East. Specifically in the regions with a Mediterranean climate. Many of the almonds of that time were bitter and laced with naturally-produced cyanide. Today’s almond trees derive from ancient humans picking out and domesticating the rare sweet almonds discovered within the hordes of bitter ones.


  • Our bulk sliced Natural Almonds are fantastic as a topping on cakes and other baked confections.
  • They also are simply splendid when added into yogurt, perhaps alongside some dried fruit.
  • In a pinch, sliced Almonds can also function on their own as a simple snack.


Natural almonds have a high content of oils. These bulk sliced natural almonds will stay fresh in the pantry for up to six months in an airtight container. We recommend refrigerating them to keep the freshness in. That will help them last and taste fresh for up to one year. However, for extended preservation, consider freezing your cut up Almonds. Remember, they can be thawed and refrozen many times without any noticeable loss of flavor or texture. Also, they will stay fresh for up to two years.


Click here to read the entire list of the nutritional benefits of almonds.

When buying Bulk Sliced Natural Almonds you should understand the nutritional benefits of the nuts that you buy. Like most nuts, they are rich in protein, which make them an ideal snack for anyone looking to build muscle or simply increase their protein intake. All almonds, also contain high levels of biotin, vitamin e, and manganese, among other nutrients.