Bulk Mango

Mangoes are an ovular, juicy tropical stone fruit native to South Asia, with most of the world’s production coming from India. Depending on the species and level of ripeness, mangoes are subject to carrying either a sweet, creamy flavor paired with a pulpy consistency or a sweet, tart flavor with a more fibrous consistency. The skin of mangoes can vary from a reddish green hue to a bright yellow-orange, however, their fleshy fruit is almost always golden yellow. Mangoes are ranked as the world’s seventh favorite fruit and have been regarded for centuries as the “king of fruits” for their various uses.

Mango Nutrition

There are many health benefits of dry mango. Mangoes are jam packed with over twenty essential vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes which serve a variety of useful purposes in the body. One mango is roughly 200 – 203 calories, and is exceptionally low in sodium, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

A List Of Vitamins And Minerals In Mangoes

A single mango will provide you with the following vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin A (72%)
  • Vitamin C (203%)
  • Vitamin B-6 (20%)
  • Magnesium (8%)
  • Calcium (3%)
  • Iron (2%)

Mangoes Prescribed For Lowering Blood Sugar

Dried mango has been linked to lowering blood glucose levels in obese adults. Many fruits are considered by nutritionists to be removed from diabetic patients. Diabetics have a condition of having high blood sugar. Having high blood sugar is known to cause an array of uncomfortable symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, increased thirst from dehydration, blurry vision, poor memory, and an impaired ability to concentrate. Ultimately, high blood sugar leads to hyperglycemia, which is a precursor for type one and type two diabetes.

Mangoes Are High In Fiber

Fiber is an essential nutrient mostly known for its ability to prevent constipation. Getting enough fiber is important for maintaining a healthy weight, preventing heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. One mango supplies the body with five grams of dietary fiber, which is 20% of the recommended daily value.

Mangoes Are Loaded With Antioxidants

Mangoes are full of age-fighting antioxidants which help the skin maintain a healthy, youthful glow, while also aiding the body in keeping prostate, colon, and breast cancer at bay.

Mangoes Can Help Alleviate Anemia

Due to their iron content, mangoes can help people who suffer from anemia, a blood condition caused by a lack of red blood cells. Anemia leads to lightheadedness, dizziness, and pallor (an unhealthy pale appearance). If these symptoms sound familiar, try adding dried mangoes to your diet.

Culinary Uses of Dried Mango

Mangoes are one of the most popular dried fruits. Either snack on them alone, or throw them into a recipe for some added nutrients. They make an excellent option for diversifying a salad, trail mix, or adding a sweetness to baked goods such as cookies and muffins.

Storage And Shelf Life

Like many dried fruits, you can store our bulk mango in the fridge or pantry for up to a year. You can also freeze dried mango and they will remain fresh up to a year and a half.

Variations We Offer

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Quality, Guaranteed

In conclusion, we at Gourmet Nuts and Dried Fruit, focus each day on delivering fresh dried fruit. Above all, we pride ourselves in providing natural foods and stand with the thousands of pounds that we have given to our trusted customers. Our bulk mango is always fresh and will never contain harmful sulfites. Consequently, each and every box is carefully and selectively considered.