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Gourmet Nuts and Dried Fruit is focused on offering hard to find tropical dried fruits. For that, we offer 10 and 25 pound boxes of our dried bulk guava. They are simply wonderful and special fruits from the tropical regions worldwide.

About Our Bulk Guava

Experts believe that Bulk Guava originated in the tropical regions of America and the Caribbean. Their adoption into the subtropical and tropical parts of Asia, Africa, and the coast of the Mediterranean followed soon after. In the 1800s, they introduced and cultivated Guavas in Florida. The species of Guava with most frequent consumption is the apple guava.


✓ Bulk Guava is commonly made into a beverage in Mexico called Agua Fresca.

✓ Guava is often enjoyed raw, sometimes eaten like an apple.

✓ You can also enjoy Dried Guava like any dried fruit as a snack! So, we recommend including as a fruit in any nut mixes.


Like most dried fruits, you can store our bulk Guava in a cool, dark place for up to a year. Therefore, we strongly recommend refrigerating them in airtight containers. This helps maintain their freshness for up to a year. Also, you can freeze them to keep their freshness for up to eighteen months.


Bulk Guava is rich in dietary fiber and packs a wallop of vitamin C. Similarly, dietary fiber is essential for running our digestive systems properly. Similarly, vitamin C supports the health of our immune systems.